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About us

The members of Odense Tour Guides are all certified guides. Together, the guides master the following languages: Danish, English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch.


Odense Tour Guides conduct tours and city walks primarily in Odense and at Egeskov. Guests include associations, families, companies, incoming agencies, cruise ships, groups of friends, as well as travel agencies from both domestic and international locations.


All our guides have undergone training about Odense and Funen. Therefore, you can always be assured of a highly qualified guided tour. Additionally, Fyns Guideforening organizes ongoing continuing education in the form of internal courses, tours, and lectures with people who have specialized knowledge about specific aspects of our city and area. This way, we continuously keep our knowledge updated.


The guides at Odense Tour Guides have been guiding for Odense Municipality and VisitOdense for over 50 years. Furthermore, our guides have been conducting tours at Egeskov for many years. We have a close collaboration with them regarding continuous updates. This means that the guides’ knowledge of Egeskov is incredibly extensive, and they are skilled at telling all the quirky stories that the castle also holds.


Thanks to the guides’ extensive knowledge of the attractions, history, and daily life on Funen, they contribute to ensuring that guests get the most out of their visit.


Each guide is an “independent contractor” and is responsible for their own administrative matters regarding booking and payment.


See more under the description of tours and the individual guides.