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  • In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Odense City
  • The Cathedral
  • Priories in Odense
  • The Former Brandt Woolen Mill/Textile Factory
  • Open Air Museum – an 1800s Village
  • The Harbor
  • Egeskov Castle, Park and Museums

ODENSE – The city of fairytales

Personal guidance with smiles and coziness
I am passionate about conveying the history and culture to my guests. I have had many guests over the years! Danish, as well as foreign groups.
With empathy, humor and enthusiasm I meet all ‘my’ groups with coziness and smiles. Always with a focus on each group’s very special DNA.
Should your guests have an extra experience in Odense or at Egeskov Castle? Join me on an unforgettable and heartwarming tour of mine and H.C. Andersen’s Wonderful birth town.
I have been a guide since 2004 and I have great knowledge about the history, people, life and developments of Odense.
Feel free to contact me to find out about the possibilities of a guided tour that your guest will always remember with joy and happiness.



(entrance fee)
This tour is aimed at groups with children, who would like to see and hear about Odense’s famous fairy tale poet in a slightly different way. On this trip I will bring a backpack with small surprises. Several adults with a youthful mind have also had great pleasure in participating in the trip. Invite your guests – it’s an experience full of ‘hygge’ and smiles, for all ages.
HISTORIC PUB WALK (1 ½ – 2 hours)
Odensse has many good beer stories and anecdotes. Let’s walk through the city’s cozy streets and I will tell you about some of the places that have helped to make Odense a little more enjoyable. Along the way, we can visit one of the cozy pubs and enjoy a refreshment and the Danish “hygge”.
SKT. KNUDS CHURCH – Odense Cathedral (1 hour)
Odense Cathedral is one of Denmark’s most magnificent churches. In the crypt you will find King Knud’s sacred bones and more royal tombs. In the choir you will see the famous golden altarpiece, commissioned by the Danish Queen Christine.
Several monastic orders settled in medieval Odense. By the end of the Middle Ages, there were close to 300 monks and priests in the town. We take a walk around the old monasteries and hear the exciting stories of where they all ended up after the Reformation in the 16th century.
Odense City Hall is located in the middle of the city’s old center Flakaven and consists of an older and a newer part. Experience Yan’s artwork “Funen Spring” in the big hall, the town hall, the wedding room, the royal chamber and the memorial wall.
I will tell you the story of Odense’s exciting history, based on the city’s central square, Flakhaven and the Cathedral.
This tour is suitable for groups with walking difficulties.
LOOK UP, LOOK DOWN in Odense (1 hour)
We stick our noses in the air and look up, and we bend our heads to look down. Based on the city’s often overlooked details and decorations, we take on an interesting citywalk with lots of stories about Odense.
In H.C. Andersen’s Odense, you can see the figures from his famous fairy tales everywhere downtown. In parks and on streets and alleys we meet statues made by various artists who have been inspired by Andersen’s fairy tales. Together we will find the fairy statues, and I will tell the stories about the works of art, the artists and H.C. Andersen himself.
ODENSE HARBOUR (1 – 2 hours)
Odense is not a coastal city and we only got our harbour in the early 1800s, when the five-kilometer-long Odense canal was dug. A lot has happened since.
After working as one of the busiest industrial ports of Denmark for more than 150 years, the port is today being transformed into a new exciting area with modern constructions, canals and a budding cultural life. On “Byens Ø” (The City Island) you will find The Northatlantic House and the Harbour Swimming Pool.
This trip can be combined with a guided tour to the old royal rampart at Næsbyhoved only 600 meters away from the port.
NÆSBYHOVED RAMPART in the harbour forest (1 hour)
This place is first mentioned in the 14th century, but it is best known from the period when the Danish Queen Christine lived at the castle in the early 16th century, after she had left her husband, the Danish King Hans. In 1534 the castle was destroyed and burned down during the Danish Civil War.
It was never rebuilt, and nothing remains but the ramparts.
I will tell you the amazing story while we go for a nice walk in the small forest next to the harbour. We sense the historic buzzing of the wings, at the impressive rampart with the 15-20 meter deep moats.
THE FUNEN VILLAGE (1 – 2 hours)
entrance fee
Experience the Funen Village as it looked in H.C. Andersen’s lifetime, in the 19th century. During our tour in the village we visit selected houses and I will tell you about the village life of that time. I grew up near the Funen Village and I have always loved the atmosphere among the thatched houses and the farm animals.
EGESKOV – castle and park (castle 1 hour / park 1 – 1 ½ hour)
entrance fee
Egeskov is one of Europe’s best-preserved water castles, built just after the medieval era. The castle is located in the center of a fantastic park, which has several times been voted one of the most beautiful in the world. I have been guiding the castle and the park since 2004, and I look forward to showing the place to you and your guests as well.
Bustrips in Odense og on Funen + cruise ships-busrides
I would be happy to grab the microphone and tell you about my amazing city and lovely island from the bus guide seat. We can slip out to the harbour, the coastal cities, to the recreational place at Stige Ø (Stige Peninsula) or I can guide in the bus from Odense to Egeskov Castle.
City walks in Odense can easily be combined with good bus experiences.
Guided bicycle rides
Are you coming to Funen with a cycling group?
I know the best bike paths in Odense, and I love to be on the two-wheeler and feel the wind in my hair, under the bike helmet.
We can cycle to the beach, to mansions, along the canal or the Odense river. Funen is a fantastic island for bicycle tours.
Do you feel like going for a hike?
I have great experience with hiking in Odense.
We can go for a hike along the Odense Canal or we can hike along the Odense River. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.
● Examined tour guide in Odense and at Egeskov, since 2004
● Travel guide for the Danish travel agency Gislev, since 2014 (Italy, Cuba, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Norway etc.)
● Follow me on Facebook: “Odenseguidefyn”, where I, with photos and texts, provide inspiration for wonderful experiences in Odense and the rest of Funen.
● Editor of “www.odenseguidepaaeventyr.dk” where you can also find inspiration for guided tours.