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  • In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Odense City
  • The Cathedral
  • The Former Brandt Woolen Mill/Textile Factory
  • Open Air Museum – an 1800s Village
  • The Harbor
  • Egeskov Castle, Park and Museums

Certified guide since 2012.
Retired senior teacher (Danish, Art, History, and Social Studies).
Narration with in-depth knowledge providing interesting anecdotes and entertaining details.
All tours can be tailored to the interests of the participants and the available time.
Numbers in ( ) indicate a typical duration in hours.

  1. In the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen – around the Odense city center with visits to sites related to Hans Christian Andersen (1-2)
  2. Classic city walk – Odense then and now – selected sites related to Hans Christian Andersen, City Hall, Saint Canute’s cathedral with the altarpiece made by Claus Berg in the 1500s, Hans Christian Andersen Park with the site where HCA’s mother did her customers’ laundry in the river, the Convent for Noble Maidens, and the Hans Christian Andersen quarter (1-2)
  3. City Center Transformation – the new district that was once a busy 4-lane street, and the spectacular Hans Christian Andersen Museum (as of 2021) (1)
  4. Odense Harbour and Canal since 1803 – a busy shipping and industrial area has now been turned into a residential area (1)
  5. Stige Island, recreational park – excavated for use as a landfill, the area is now an attractive natural oasis in the middle of the fjord (1)
  6. Up and down the river – a waterside view of the beautiful Hunderup quarter, the Zoo, and the “Woodland Park of Odense”, now a popular recreational area (1-2)
  7. City Hall since 1883/1955 – city council chambers, wedding venues, the royal quarters, and the Hall of Fame of Odense (1)
  8. 33 sculptures, monuments, and memorials in central Odense (2)
  9. Egeskov Castle, Park, and Museum – a unique Renaissance castle from 1554, still partially used by the owners. Plenty of activities for the family to do after the tour, including museums, playground, and a treetop rope course (1-2)
  10. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum – opening in 2021, this new world class museum and its gardens invoke the popular writer’s fairy tales (includes the birthplace of HCA) (1)
  11. The Funen Village – step into the 1800s and 1900s in a tranquil open-air museum in central Odense featuring 26 buildings transposed from their original locations. Lots of activities to do (1-2)
  12. Møntergården – Cultural history museum – reflecting life in the area from the earliest times until now (1)
  13. The Brandts Museum and the Latin Quarter – a former textiles factory turned into Denmark’s first museum for art and visual culture features new exhibitions of classic and contemporary art every month or so (1)
  14. Bus Tours – custom tours around the island of Funen