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H.C. Andersens Hus

Hans Christian Andersen House - Hans-Christian-Andersen-Haus.

Odenses Grønne Oaser

Green City - Grünflächen der Stadt.

Egeskov Slot

Egeskov Castle - Schloss Egeskov.

The guides from Odense Tour Guides provide assurance that you and your group will experience a professionally designed tour supported by extensive knowledge and a personal love of Odense and all its secrets.

Odense is a perfect mirror of the history of Denmark from earliest times – the Viking age or even earlier. Now, it is being revitalized in a revolutionary transformation, and our guides take you along on the journey from the past to the present and the future. They will tell you the personal stories of the people from all walks of life who made Odense what it is now, and thus they make the many beautiful buildings come alive.

The guides from Odense Tour Guides have served the local university, local companies, and large international travel agencies in showing off the city to visiting scientists and businesspeople from all over the world, and they have applied their significant professional experience to work for clients such as clubs, families, and private organizations.

The Guides possess broad and deep knowledge, and to it they add their personal enthusiasm to make your tour a special experience giving you everything you could want from your visit.